Businesses and Industries in Tallassee, AL

Businesses and Industries in Tallassee, AL

Tallassee is a small Alabama city in the region’s southern sector. Tallassee is home to a number of enterprises, including manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, health and social assistance, construction, administrative, and support services. Because these sectors create a lot of employment for individuals, you can find work regardless of your profession.

There are numerous businesses operating in Tallassee, AL, including:

Lincoln Tubular Products, LLC

This firm fabricates and supplies welded steel pipe items to the oil and gas sector.

Byrd Machine & Welding

Byrd Machine & Welding is a metal fabrication firm that serves businesses. The machines they produce are utilized in mining, petrochemicals, automotive, agriculture equipment, and even recreational vehicles.

Havertys Furniture Store

This firm serves clients in Alabama and Florida by selling and delivering furniture, accessories, and floor coverings.

Winn Dixie Stores Incorporated

This firm runs a supermarket chain that sells fresh food, meat, dairy items, canned goods, drinks, snacks, frozen meals, and baked goods.

Tallassee Tax Service

Tallassee Tax Service offers a wide range of tax preparation and financial planning services.


Walgreens is a well-known drug store chain that sells prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, and health & beauty products. They also offer photo finishing services!

Colonial Bank

The residents of Alabama can get commercial and consumer banking services from this firm.

ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean provides a variety of cleaning services for customers in their area in Alabama.

AT&T Mobility/Cingular Wireless LLC

Wireless voice and data communication services are provided to clients in Tallassee, Alabama, by this firm.

The Tallassee Tribune

This newspaper is concerned with issues and events that affect the people of Tallassee and the communities around it.

Wall Heath Company

This firm produces a range of metal, vinyl, and wood windows and doors for residences and businesses.

Tallassee’s businesses are vital to the area’s economy, as they employ people. These firms are primarily involved in manufacturing, retail, wholesale trade, healthcare, social assistance, construction, administrative support services, and education sectors.


Tallassee is both a historical spot and an ideal location for individuals interested in starting a company or advancing their careers.

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