Landmarks and Tourist Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss in Tallassee, AL

Landmarks and Tourist Attractions You Shouldn't Miss in Tallassee, AL.

Tallassee is a tiny city in Alabama’s center that has several tourist attractions. We offer something for everyone, whether you’re simply passing through or seeking the ideal memento to take home with you.

Here are some must-see attractions in and around Tallassee:

Many famous shows, such as The Tallassee Ballet and The Tallassee Symphony Orchestra, perform at the Tallassee Civic Center. It also serves as a performance venue for the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and Community Music School’s events.

Stop by Wallace Dam Park and Lake Neely Henry on your trip to Tallassee, Alabama. These two wonderful parks in Elmore County provide fishing, hiking routes, and camping opportunities.

The Tallassee Dam is a must-see on any trip to Alabama! The Tennessee Valley Authority received its hydroelectric power from this dam, which was built in 1914. Dr. William L. Tallassee, a doctor who ran an Indian hospital from 1874 until 1877, is responsible for the lake’s name.

The Elmore County Museum has a wealth of Alabama history for you to delve into! Discover 19th-century artifacts, including Native American remnants and Civil War relics.

The Oliver House in Tallassee, Alabama, is one of only two remaining antebellum houses in the city, dating from the 1850s! Edward Oliver constructed this house as a museum on Main Street.

The Tallassee Riverfront Park has two Civil War cannons and hosts the Christmas Tree Lighting every year. It’s also surrounded by attractions, including restaurants, antique stores, and art galleries.

If you’re a Civil War buff, stop by Fort Toulouse – Fort Jackson NHP, which has reconstructed earthen forts built by the British in 1756 and utilized during the French & Indian War. There’s also a museum, hiking routes, and picnic area!


Tallassee is a wonderful location to learn about Alabama’s history and culture, as the city contains several landmarks and tourist attractions. Did we overlook anything? Leave a comment below if there’s anything else we should add!

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